Books I’m Working On

What I’m Submitting

I’m working on three projects for submission at the moment. One is for my Escape Redemption Creek series . Another is a follow up story for my Tule entries to the With Love From Kurrajong Crossing series I’m working on with Dakota Harrison. Waiting on due dates.

I’m also doing a historical novella for an anthology and may have an opportunity for a another if I manage my time well.


What I’m Writing

I’m writing another couple of historical novellas for anthologies in between my rural romances. Just a little change of pace.

Some of these other stories are on hold while I catch up on the joy of being published. I do have a Rural Romance on the side which could fit into either series which is a marriage in trouble story. As things progress I’ll hopefully find where it belongs in the greater scheme of things.

The Spy Who Kissed Me #Spymaster This is the sequel to #Spymistress featuring Dmitri, who is Anna’s partner in crime. I have only just started to write this one. I also have an idea for a third book in this series The Spy Who Killed Me. No hashtag yet. There is an idea floating for #Spybaby however.

What I’m polishing

#Sleazeguy is on his trillionth rewrite. This was the first story I sent out into the world. Though not the first I finished. Richard has always been the kind of hero you either love or hate. He is in fact the kind of hero I usually hate. I began writing him as a challenge and now of course I’m in love with him and will not let him go. Other people hated him so I made the mistake of changing him to make him nicer, not only saving the cat but kits, cats, sacks wives…you get the drift. So I was left with two nice people who would get married at the end of chapter two. Having returned to my original vision I am making him as bad as bad can be and if you don’t like him…bad luck. *clings* He’s all mine.
Oh and I suppose I must share him with his heroine, the prudish Kate.

What Else I’m writing

One thing I’m never short of is ideas.

I’m still writing my Historical Romances.
Shining Star is my attempt at a Georgian Romance set in 1751. It’s about a young and very bad and rather broken boy of 21 who is nursed by a girl whose ancestress narrowly escaped being burned as a witch. I had a lot of fun creating Lucien who is called Lucifer by those less than impressed by his behaviour. Pru has a long nose and a pointed chin and long straight black hair and loves to make potions from her herb garden.

A Wife for William is a late Victorian Marriage of Convenience Story. Emily has travelled out from England to Brisbane, Australia to marry William Taylor, a wealthy foundry owner who has come from nothing and seeks to improve his status in society by a good marriage.

I have a few other potential projects. I like different eras so I’m wondering about writing a series of romances set in one stately home or manor in different periods.

What’s on the Backburner

My SYTYCW12 entry has also had a couple of incarnations and has seen rejection. Daniel is Richard’s (#sleazeguy) cousin, a widower with an adult son. He is all sweet and cuddly and responsible and the very antithesis of Richard. But he is also kind of wounded and deserves a happy ending so I persevere. I’m sure someone out there would love to read about a nice guy having a win. I’ve found him a younger woman who has faced her own challenges and will nurture him and give him the family he always wanted.

I have an outline for a trilogy – no, not that kind of trilogy.

I have other drafts that may be suitable for editing. Two of them belong to my Series of May-December romances loosely linked to my 2012 SYTYCW entry.

I also have two stories from the Wicked Games series.
These are not linked although I have a couple of partials with links to #sleazeguy through
secondary characters.

I have one rural romance, my very first completed story that I feel has potential if I rewrite it from scratch. It could work well in my Redemption Creek series.

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