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My Novella from Christmas Secrets of the Soho Club will be released as a standalone later this year.

A Christmas Anthology was on a short release for six months.

Christmas Secrets of the Soho Club is a follow up anthology from last years Secrets of the Soho Club. A spicy read of eight Christmas themed novellas.

Fiona M Marsden – Thursday’s Child. Newlyweds William & Bella are struggling after their honeymoon is a disaster and a family Christmas is looming. Now they need to rebuild their marriage kiss by kiss, touch by touch, in the scandalous private reading room of the Soho Club.

The Doctor’s Homecoming


Fiona Marsden

He left everything behind…including her.

Doctor Saul MacDonald left Kurrajong Crossing as a teenager, fleeing impossible living conditions. He left behind his mother, younger brother Alexander, and the girl he’d loved all his life. On the far side of the world, Saul made himself into a different person—hopefully a better one—but now family ties force him home.

Cover for The Doctor’s Homecoming

Animals and plants are the only living things successful entrepreneur Trudie Weiss trusts unconditionally. Neglected as a child and forced into dangerous situations she couldn’t control, Trudie prefers to keep people at a distance. But the arrival of Saul “Sunny” MacDonald back in The Crossing tests the exposed armour around Trudie’s tender heart. Like it or not, they share a deep bond. And an attraction that glows white hot.

Trudie knows a wounded animal when she sees one. And if she gets too close to Saul, he will lash out. But as he confronts old relationships and digs into his painful past, is there room for Saul and Trudie to move forward and forge a loving future…together?

#CW History of past physical and sexual abuse.

A Country Christmas


Fiona Marsden

This Christmas will bring the ultimate gift…

One night with a stranger changed Moira O’Brien’s life forever. She’s always denied needing a family of her own, until she met Gio and discovered life could offer her something more, something special—before it was snatched away. Now Gio and his daughter are back in Moira’s life, and this time Gio seems determined to stay.

After losing his wife a year ago, Gio Tsiarkas is ready for a fresh start with his daughter, Emilia. He’s in Kurrajong Crossing with a new home, new car, and the chance for a new life—maybe with the woman who’d been a much-needed bright spot in his life amid so much loss. All he has to do is convince his daughter that a new woman in his life won’t ruin hers. Oh, and hopefully find the woman.

When love and attraction come up against parental responsibility, will Gio and Moira have to make all the sacrifices? Or will a reluctant twelve-year-old discover Christmas can be about creating new families as well as holding onto the old?

Hard Road Home


Fiona Marsden

This time, he’ll need to play for keeps—or not at all.

Xander Mac, now an internationally acclaimed country singer, has finally come home to Kurrajong Crossing. It’s been four years since his casual, no-strings-attached relationship with Bonnie Callaghan imploded under the pressures of distance and secrets held back. Xander’s return for a charity concert during the town’s winter festival is his opportunity to reconnect with Bonnie. Only this time, he might have to put his heart on the line.

Bonnie left Kurrajong Crossing hoping distance would give her heart a chance to heal, but she owes Xander’s grandparents, so when they need her help she answers the call. The return of Xander brings back hurt, long-buried feelings, but Xander has always said he only wants fun from a relationship and that’s not something Bonnie can guarantee.

Their attraction is still hot and their connection is deep. But to make it work, they’ll both need to be all in or say goodbye forever.

My Escape Publishing book was released into the wild on the 4th of July 2021

Twelve years is a long time to hide a secret … or two.

Forced from his self-imposed exile, Morgan Cavanaugh must face his demons and confront the girl he left behind. Becca Walters became a woman in that time with life altering revelations of her own.

Becca fought her way to respectability, but it came at a cost. With Morgan’s return she must face the consequences of long-ago decisions, made without his knowledge.

Together they need to face the past; in order to make a future.

I absolutely love this cover which really capture the protagonists and the mood of the story.

My Other Published Books

I Wrote My Love …

Kitty Wantling never expected to receive two proposals of marriage. One from her old friend, Johnny, was more than enough. Receiving a second proposal from Captain Gerard was a surprise, for she had no idea he admired her.

It seemed a simple problem, until the two letters to her suitors were mixed up and it was Captain Gerard who came courting.

A family Christmas is a novelty to Captain Jonathan Gerard, having spent his adulthood as a soldier. His injuries at Waterloo cost him his career so he is adrift in London when Kitty Wantling crosses his path, chaperoning her younger sister.

Now her father has decreed a two-week trial, thrown together in the crucible of family life to find out if they are suited for matrimony, and if, by some lucky chance, it could lead to love.

This novella was part of the Sweet Christmas Secrets Anthology published for a limited time in 2021 and contains very mild levels of heat.

Content Notes: War wounds, deaths of family members off-page and in the past. Brief non-sexual nudity.

This story is written using British English spelling and conventions.

Spies, Lies and Dangerous Lovers.

I went a little off theme with this story which was written for the 2015 So You Think You Can Write competition sponsored by Harlequin and Wattpad. Instead of my usual contemporary couples I found an unusual heroine who has a dark history and has been spending the last few years as a Russian Spy. It’s a total fantasy so if you are after James Bond or Atomic Blonde, the resemblances are very surface. I teamed her up with a dedicated doctor who had just experienced a life changing moment in his life. And then I ripped them apart. The story starts in the present day when all the lies they told five years ago, come home to roost.

The story is more confronting and explicit than my other stories but the darkness is redeemed by the occasional gleam of humour.

The Spy Who Saved Me,

Available where eBooks are sold

A man who has nothing to live for is saved by a woman who is Death’s BFF. Today is his chance to return the favour.

Five years ago, Doctor Gabe DiMello lost everything and found something he never expected. Himself.
Now the woman who dragged him from the abyss is back and he has a chance to regain all he lost.

Anna Khalinova’s life changed forever after her brief relationship with Gabe. Now the time has come to face the past and make a new future. To reveal the secret she’s kept for five years.

He saves lives, she takes them. Can they find common ground?

An Award Winning Romance set in Australia between a cold-hearted female spy and a yummy doctor with a jaunt to Russia and Europe. There is a little action, in bed and out. Not really a thriller but a little bit thrilling.

The spies are lightweight and the themes are heavy.

Winner of the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Pro Award 2018.

CW #MeToo incidents generally off page.

Secrets and Lies

My most popular release is the Award finalling Tell Me No Lies. It is the first book in the Brizvegas Billionaires Series.

It’s been seven years and long past time for software tycoon Lucas Hall to cut final ties with Harriet Emerson. Except now he knows she lied to him all those years ago. Before he hands her the divorce papers, Lucas intends to know the whole truth.

Harriet had lied to ensure Lucas didn’t forsake his future. Now he’s back and one lie is exposed. Dare she take a chance to be with Lucas, knowing it won’t last.

Her secrets could change everything.

Came second in the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Pro Award 2018

My novellas that have been published over the years in anthologies are now available as a stand alones in the Hearts of Brizvegas Series on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. They are stand alone but can be read in order for added enjoyment.

Swept Away finalled in the 2017 Ruby Award.

Swept apart by the force of a tsunami, Sean and Sophie have fought their own battles to survive. Now they must confront the challenges caused by the decisions they made separately if they want to be together again. Sophia thought she had her happy ever after. Until it was swept away along with her brand-new husband only hours after arriving at their tropical honeymoon destination. Sean lost a lot more than a limb in the aftermath of the tsunami that separated him from his wife. Still battling the effects of that day, he has to make hard decisions about his career as a musician. Pushed into an engagement with a girl chosen by his parents, while numb with grief, he can’t believe his eyes when Sophie appears at the party with another man. Now both must choose between a new life and the life they thought lost.

Road Trip Baby

Whose baby? 

Fran knew Ethan didn’t want children, but when contraceptive failure leads to pregnancy, she doesn’t expect his total denial of responsibility. Now she has one last chance to find out the secret stopping him from accepting his child. The clock is ticking and they are a long way from home. 

Ethan knew sleeping with his sister’s best friend was a mistake. Especially when he can’t give her the home and family she deserves. Her betrayal stunned him into a reaction that sent her away. Now he’s thinking clearly and maybe he does have something to offer, even if he has to reveal his shameful secret to make it happen.

Road Trip Baby tied for first for the Koru Award of Excellence Novella Romance Book of the Year from New Zealand and a Ruby finalist with Romance Writers of Australia.

Man of Ice.

Originally published in the Medal Up Duology with Nicole Flockton. Nicole’s story about Brady came first and is titled Fighting Their Attraction. My story is about Brady’s old skating partner, Maybelle Li and her new partner.

Man of Ice: How can the Games go so wrong for friendly, upbeat Maybelle Li? Her ex-skating partner is raining on her parade with memories of the past, and her current partner, Bohdan Dovzhenko, is the hottest thing to hit the ice this decade—and the coldest companion. He’s all work and no conversation beyond grunts and commands. But as their medal hopes rise, so does Bohdan’s word count. He’s not made of stone, and being locked outside of Belle’s sunshine is simply no fun. Now their growing closeness may be too hot to dismiss—but will it burn down their chance to forge a new future as well?


The Forgotten Groomsman

Formerly published as Beautiful Stranger in the Kiss Me Anthology in 2018, the story has been refurbished and recovered to match the rest of the series.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Cover-TFG-684x1024.jpg

She trusted him with her body, but can she trust him with her heart.

Caro has good reason not to trust men. Her life was almost destroyed by one years ago. But when a beautiful stranger at a wedding tempts her to dabble again, she’s almost sure she can resist asking for more. She knows it will only lead to heartbreak and betrayal. If only her heart hadn’t already betrayed her.

Reece remembers Caroline from when she was a teenager, the kid sister of one of his friends. She’s all grown up now and he likes what he sees but she doesn’t seem to recognise him. He’s already made a mess of one relationship. Can he be what Caroline needs?

Christmas Novella

Still available.

A Holiday novella called The Runaway Christmas Elf.

He wants her to stay forever, she needs to know why she left.

Holly loves Christmas. It’s the one thing about herself she remembers after an accident left her with minor bruises but a major case of amnesia. The last thing she expects is a man who doesn’t celebrate the holiday to walk into Santa’s Domain and claim he knows her. Intimately.
Ori knows why Holly ran. But he wants a second chance, whatever the cost. Whatever his father may think about non-Jewish girls. All he needs is a few days to convince her, remind her, that what they have is worth fighting for. There’s a lot more at stake than she knows and if it means celebrating Christmas, he’s prepared to put everything on the line to make it happen.
When the past comes back along with Holly’s memories, they must decide how far they’ll go…or if they’ll stay…for love.

This is an Australian story set in Brisbane with Australian spelling and language.

I have another two short stories in the RWAus Little Gems Sunstone Anthology from 2016 and another short story published in the 2017 Little Gems Onyx Anthology by RWAus. There is also a short story in the Jade 2018 Little Gems and I have a story that placed third in the Spicy Bites Chains 2018 anthology. There is a print copy set available here.

I have two short stories in the Tiger Eye Little Gems in 2019. I came first in the the 2019 Masks Spicy Bites and that story is in the anthology. This year Little Gems was re-imagined as Sweet Treats and I have one short story in the  2020 Cupcakes Anthology .

I’ve stories in the Chocolate themed Sweet Treats Anthology 2021 as well as coming tied for first in the 2021 Spicy Bites Anthology, Denim. The Chocolate Anthology came first in the ARRA Award for best anthology published in 2021.

This year my entry in Spicy Bites came third and will be in the Machines Anthology. My Sweet Treats entry also tied for third and will be in the Icecream Anthology. They are officially released during the RWAus 2022 conference at Fremantle.

Print Anthology of the first four Hearts of Brizvegas Novellas. Available from Booktopia along with others in print of my independently published books.

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