Like a Virgin

Loner guy (special virgin edition) + free time x crisis of the soul + scorching hot pole dancer lust = unexpectedly beautiful sexy relationship.

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There are stacks of new books coming out today, but of course the one I’m going to get excited about is the one with a virgin. Not just any virgin. A male virgin. Yes, the hero is a virgin. The heroine is a pole dancer and I’m pretty sure she is NOT going to be a virgin.

The book is Offensive Behavior, part of a new series by Ainslie Paton. I haven’t read all her books but I certainly own them with the intention of reading them. The ones I have read are fascinating. The main reason I haven’t read them all is because they are mostly big books and I read according to time slots because I want my Happy Ever After in one sitting. For this reason I read mostly category romance or novellas and Paton writes romance that is definitely nothing like category. But there is something so real about her characters it’s a little bit scary. Hyper-real if you believe her tag line and I do.

Here is the blurb:

Everyone is virgin at something

This is the story of a man who’s never done it, and a woman with the experience to teach him how.

Reid McGrath is drunk and intends to stay that way. It’s what a man does when the world he built gets ripped out from under him. He’s staked a claim on the back booth at Lucky’s where he can fixate on a dancer who makes him wish things were different.

Zarley Halveston dances under shimmering lights in a barely there costume, but it’s not the gold medal life she trained for. She expected to stand on an Olympic podium, instead she glitters under disco lights, gyrating on a chrome pole.

Zarley can’t see the brooding man in the back booth, but she knows he’s there. He’s toxic, but it’s not her job to care, until the night he collapses at her feet and she has to choose to step over him or help him up.

Reid thought he’d hit bottom when he was fired as CEO of his own company, but kZarleynowing he’d needed the kindness of a stranger, and realizing she was the dancer he’d lusted after was a new low.

Question: What do a fallen golden girl turned exotic dancer and a sacked, socially awkward tech tycoon have in common?

Answer: A deep understanding of failure and the whiplash sting of humiliation, a need to re-build their dreams and the sexual education of a frustrated geek.

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And here is a specially super duper hint about the heroine in book two of the series coming later in the year around the end of July. It’s almost like she wrote this series specially for me.

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