Books I’m Working On

What I’m Submitting

The Spy Who Saved Me #Spymistress My SYTYCW15 project. Anna is a very different heroine from my previous creations. As a spy working for a Russian agency, she has seduced and killed (somspymistresscoveretimes at the same time) quite a lot of Russia’s enemies.
Gabe is all about saving lives, a trauma surgeon who has spent his adult life in warzones and disaster areas. When he met and had a brief affair with Anna five years ago he had no idea what she did in her job. I have been submitting this story to publishers but apart from some compliments on my writing skills, so far no joy.

What I’m Writing

The Spy Who Kissed Me #Spymaster This is the sequel to #Spymistress featuring Dmitri, who is Anna’s partner in crime. I have only just started to write this one. I also have an idea for a third book in this series The Spy Who Killed Me. No hashtag yet. There is an idea floating for #Spybaby however.

I’m writing a Heartwarming story to submit to Harlequin. There was some interest in this in a SYTYCW call twelve months ago so I’ve missed my slot. However, I realise that I have a lot of stories to tell in this particular Aussie small town setting, so I’m taking the time to build my town and populate it. Once I’m happy with it I will be creating a series. I’m thinking of calling the series Redemption Creek.

What I’m polishing

#Sleazeguy is on his trillionth rewrite. This was the first story I sent out into the world. Richard has always been the kind of hero you either love or hate. He is in fact the kind of hero I usually hate. I began writing him as a challenge and now of course I’m in love with him and will not let him go. Other people hated him so I made the mistake of changing him to make him nicer, not only saving the cat but kits, cats, sacks wives…you get the drift. So I was left with two nice people who would get married at the end of chapter two. Having returned to my original vision I am making him as bad as bad can be and if you don’t like him…bad luck. *clings* He’s all mine.
Oh and I suppose I must share him with his heroine, the prudish Kate.

My SYTYCW13 entry was Harriet and Lucas. Harriet is my heroine in a wheelchair and Lucas is her Geek. I’ve recently had a manuscript assessment done on this by Word Witchery and will be working on it in between other projects. This is ongoing. I did an online course on The Black Moment and realise I need to rewrite the whole ending before I submit it.

What Else I’m writing

One thing I’m never short of is ideas.

I have decided to try writing some Historical Romances.
Shining Star is my attempt at a Georgian Romance set in 1751. It’s about a young and very bad and rather broken boy of 21 who is nursed by a girl whose ancestress narrowly escaped being burned as a witch. I had a lot of fun creating Lucien who is called Lucifer by those less than impressed by his behaviour. Pru has a long nose and a pointed chin and long straight black hair and loves to make potions from her herb garden.

A Wife for William is a late Victorian Marriage of Convenience Story. Emily has travelled out from England to Brisbane, Australia to marry William Taylor, a wealthy foundry owner who has come from nothing and seeks to improve his status in society by a good marriage.

I have a few other potential projects. I like different eras so I’m wondering about writing a series of romances set in one stately home or manor in different periods.

What’s on the Backburner

My SYTYCW12 entry has also had a couple of incarnations and has seen rejection. Daniel is Richard’s (#sleazeguy) cousin, a widower with an adult son. He is all sweet and cuddly and responsible and the very antithesis of Richard. But he is also kind of wounded and deserves a happy ending so I persevere. I’m sure someone out there would love to read about a nice guy having a win. I’ve found him a younger woman who has faced her own challenges and will nurture him and give him the family he always wanted.

I have an outline for a trilogy – no, not that kind of trilogy. Powers and Principalities is a set of three stories. Set in three small principalities somewhere near Italy, they are stand alone but loosely linked. They include a Prince who has to decide between duty and the love of his life and makes the wrong choice. Another Prince who enters into an arranged marriage with a woman he despises (wrongly of course). The third is the story of a Princess who married a commoner for his wealth only to realise too late he had a greater value to her heart.

I have other drafts that may be suitable for editing. Two of them belong to my Child Brides Series of May-December romances loosely linked to my 2012 SYTYCW entry.

I also have two stories from the Wicked Games series.
These are not linked although I have a couple of partials with links to #sleazeguy through
secondary characters.

I have one rural romance, my very first completed story that I feel has potential if I rewrite it from scratch.