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Swept Away – Beautiful Disaster Anthology

My first published story is coming out on the 20th March 2016. It is part of an anthology put together by some fellow Harlequin Boards alumni on a Disaster theme.

The title of the anthology is Beautiful Disaster and my novella is Swept Away.



Sophia thought she had her happy ever after. Until it was swept away along with her brand new husband only hours after arriving at their tropical honeymoon destination.

Sean lost a lot more than a limb in the aftermath of the tsunami that separated him from his wife. Still battling the effects of that day, he has to make hard decisions about his career as a musician.

Pushed into an engagement with a girl chosen by his parents, he can’t believe his eyes when Sophie appears at the party with another man.

Now both must choose between a new life and the life they thought lost. Transparent

I’m writing a short  Romance on Wattpad. The heroine in this story is the sister of the hero from Swept Away. Road Trip Baby