Who I am and what I am doing here?


I often describe myself as a jack of all trades, master of none.

This website is dedicated to one trade I am determined to master.  Writing stories.

From my earliest years I preferred to play with Barbie dolls rather than baby dolls because I could create a cast of characters and force them to live out my fantasies.

There is one thing I absolutely insist on in my books, both reading and writing and that is a happy ending.  It’s natural that I should gravitate to Romance because that is the key selling point – a happy ever after.

An avid reader from the dawn of time, I love contemporary romance, vintage romance, fantasy romance, scifi romance, historical romance, mystery romance, dystopian romance…you’re probably picking up a theme here.

There are several of my Books in the Wild you can find on this link.

I have a number of projects on the boil, editing and writing and generally fussing over.  They are mentioned on the What’s Up Page

If you want to find me on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Pinterest, the links are on the Contact page. If you would like to see samples of my work from the dawn of time for free I am on Wattpad

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